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17 Happy New Year Card Ideas

The practice of exchanging cards for the new year can be traced back to ancient China. In many parts of the world, the new year is a time to celebrate with family and pray for luck, happiness, and good fortune. To help you celebrate 2017, we’ve compiled a list of 17 Happy New Year card ideas, featuring a variety of your favorite Falling Leaf Card designs.

The Classic Christmas & New Year’s Combo

With Christmas and New Year’s so close together, it just makes sense to combine the celebration. In fact, the first Christmas card established the classic “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” greeting. So why not continue the tradition? To start off our list, we’ve selected several of our most festive, hand-painted designs, from holiday lights to trees and wreaths.

  1. Green Light Christmas Tree Greeting Card and Light Christmas Tree Greeting Card
  2. Holiday Lights Greeting Card
  3. Laurel Wreath Holiday Card
  4. Reindeer Christmas Card

A Time to Give Thanks

If you missed the chance to send out Christmas cards in time, New Year’s can still be an opportunity to say thanks for those Christmas gifts! Of course, the holidays are always a good time to say thank you for friendship, family support, or anything else. Some people even like to give a thank you gift in return, so we’ve included our line of holiday gift bags, too!

  1. Unique Thank You Cards
  2. Simple Thank You Cards
  3. Holiday Gift Bags

Celebrating the Beauty of Winter

Despite the cold, winter is truly a beautiful time of the year—as the earth remakes itself in preparation for the new spring. Whether or not you’ll see snow this year, celebrate with our assorted snowflake designs or our majestic landscape and Blue Ridge Mountain note cards.

  1. Blank Snowflake Greeting Cards or our Snowflake Box Set
  2. Winter Landscape Note Card
  3. Blue Ridge Mountain Card and Blue Mountain Lake Note Card

Share in Prayer for the New Year

As the year winds down, we give thanks for our blessings and for the strength to get through any hardship. We pray with hope for the coming year. These spiritual greeting card designs are perfect to share in faith, encouragement, joy, and grace, making for great Happy New Year card ideas.

  1. Spiritual Encouragement
  2. Cross Greeting Cards
  3. Stained Glass Window Greeting Cards

Celebrating with Symbolism

Along with spiritual symbols, New Year’s celebrations are often filled with various representations of luck, prosperity, and peace. Falling Leaf Card Co. offers a range of unique greeting card designs that feature beautiful images rich with meaning (and all open to interpretation, of course)! The cardinal, for instance, is often said to bring luck to those who see it, and its vibrant color represents vitality. According to the Smithsonian, the ginkgo leaf has long been associated with longevity and endurance in Japanese culture, and the Amaryllis is a symbol of radiant beauty. All of these would make excellent Happy New Year cards.

  1. Cardinal Greeting Card
  2. Yellow Gingko Leaf Note Card or Green & Yellow Gingko Note Card
  3. Amaryllis Note Card

Confetti and Champagne!

Finally, what better way to celebrate the New Year than with champagne? Any card on this list would pair perfectly with a bottle of bubbly (whether it’s the good stuff, the cheap stuff, or even sparkling cider)! But the final card on our list evokes the joys of balloons, ribbons, and ticker tape. Fill the envelope with confetti and pop the cork!

  1. Confetti Streamers Greeting Card (Blank)

Find the Best Cards to Celebrate the Rest of the Year

Whatever you choose, these Happy New Year card ideas are sure to help you celebrate the new year in style. Falling Leaf Card Co. offers many more designs than we’ve featured here. While you’re celebrating the new year, why not gear up for a new year of holidays by stocking up on the perfect cards? Browse our full collection today!

Happy New Year!