Administrative professionals are often our favorite people in the office, the ones who make sure everything runs smoothly, the ones who never say, “That’s not in my job description!” They are often the face of the company as well—the first person to greet anyone walking through the door and the first courteous voice people will hear when they call. On April 26th, it’s time to celebrate their hard work with Administrative Professional Day. Here are some great Administrative Professional Day card and gift ideas to make their day special!

Talk to Your Co-Workers & Start Planning

Wild Bird Note Card Set (Blank) from Falling Leaf Card Co.

Administrative Professional Day is celebrated on the Wednesday of the last full week of April. Talk to your co-workers and start brainstorming ideas. Who knows the administrative professional best? Who knows what he or she wants and could need? Will you be gathering funds to purchase a gift? Will you throw a small party in the office?

With these questions in mind, let’s look at some of the most popular gifts to give on Administrative Professional Day. We’ll also suggest some of our wonderful blank greeting cards, which are perfect for writing out a thoughtful message or including multiple messages from around the office!

Gift Cards & Gift Certificates

Blue Ridge Mountain Card (Blank) from Falling Leaf Card Co.

Gift cards are always appreciated, and they’re especially great if you’re collecting funds from around the office. Depending on how many people contribute, you can choose to give one large gift card or several smaller ones. With nearly endless options, this gift lets you get a bit creative: restaurants, movie tickets, a local salon or department store, a beauty boutique or a spa? Keep in mind that many small businesses offer gift cards as well!

And, of course, a good gift card is always better with a greeting card. Check out our seashell greeting cards and mountain landscape greeting cards for an artistic touch.

Brighten Up the Office with Colorful Baskets

Impatiens Greeting Card (Blank) from Falling Leaf Card Co.

Baskets are fun to give, and they look beautiful—from flowers and fruit to candy and other goodies (whether they share is up to them, of course)! If your administrative professional has a green thumb, consider giving them a plant for their office space, such as an orchid, small bonsai tree, cactus or succulent plant. Artistic wall prints are another great option to liven up the office with a personal flair.

And for the card? If you’re going for something colorful, check out our beautiful flower and leaf greeting cards!

Stock Up on Office Supplies

Butterfly Note Card Set from Falling Leaf Card Co.

This can be a great way to bring in supplies that are in high demand, but it can also be a way to get creative and make the work environment feel more like home. Think of something that would be useful for your administrative professional while incorporating their personality or their personal interests.

Something small, such as a fun calendar or a nice pen is often a great place to start. You may also opt for something comfortable, such as an ergonomic chair cushion or a soft cardigan. Or, perhaps your administrative professional is the office health guru—a standing desk may just be the ticket.

And for the card? Whatever card you choose, consider giving a matching box set! These are great for both personal and professional stationary! Check out our butterfly greeting cards and the matching butterfly note card set. A complete set can even be a great Administrative Professional Day gift in itself!

More Card & Gift Ideas from Falling Leaf

This year, give your administrative professional a gift of appreciation for all their hard work. Let them know you recognize and celebrate the positive presence they bring to your office and the difference they make every day.

Browse our full selection of blank greeting cards and gift bags for more wonderful ideas!