Cards and Gifts that Bring you Closer to Those you Cherish.

Celebrated on the second Sunday in May each year, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to appreciate the beauty in the world around us, and the wonderful gift of a mother’s love. This year, celebrate your mother with these beautiful Mother’s Day cards and gift ideas. Choose from a unique selection of spring designs—flowers, birds, butterflies, and more!

Classic Mother’s Day Gift: Flowers and a Card

As with many spring holidays, flowers are often the most popular Mother’s Day gift to give. Flowers are particularly fitting for mom because they are full of beauty and symbolic meaning. Much like children under the patient guidance of their mothers, flowers only bloom when they receive the proper nourishment and care. The vibrant colors of their petals are a testament to the love they have known.

Whether you’re celebrating mom with her favorite flowers or with some seeds for a garden you can start together, consider pairing your gift with one of our beautiful flower greeting cards:

For more beautiful Mother’s Day cards and ideas, check out our selection of Blank Flower Greeting Cards!

Enjoy the Outdoor Beauty of Springtime with Your Mother

Of course, flowers aren’t the only beautiful part of spring. We are reminded of our mothers in many parts of nature: a robin sitting on her eggs until they hatch, a pair of butterflies circling around a gentle breeze… Celebrate Mother’s Day by getting outside and enjoying the weather! Go out for a picnic, a hike, or even just a casual walk. Commemorate the occasion with a card, such as our Cardinal Mother’s Day Greeting Card: Your strength and beauty inspire me. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

There are plenty of other wonderful spring designs in our Wild Birds and Butterfly collections too!

A Card from the Whole Family

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to come together and celebrate all that your mother does for the entire family. Go to church together and then brunch, or cook a big breakfast at home and spend the day relaxing together. When it comes to picking out a card, consider sharing one with another member of your family. We have several cards that are perfect for sharing with siblings, such as our Daffodil Mother’s Day Card: To the woman who taught us to blossom. Thanks for your guidance and love.

We also have cards from husbands, such as our Gerber Daisy & Impatiens Mother’s Day Card: Today we celebrate your graceful presence in our lives. Thank you for loving us so well. Happy Mother’s Day. This card is great if your children are too young to celebrate with a card of their own, or if you’d just like to add your own message of appreciation!

Celebrate the Beauty of Motherhood with Falling Leaf Card Co.

This year, give mom the gift of some quality time and a beautiful, hand-painted card from Falling Leaf Card Co. Browse our full selection of beautiful mother’s day cards. And for more gift ideas, check out our collection of wall prints and gift bags!