Cards and Gifts that Bring you Closer to Those you Cherish.

Whether you’ve recently celebrated the birth of your first child or are still expecting, a family’s first Father’s Day is a happy occasion to celebrate. Finding the perfect card that commemorates the present moment and looks forward to all of the beautiful years to come can make the day even more special. Here are some great Father to Be cards and 1st Father’s Day cards!

1st Father’s Day Cards

When you’re celebrating the first Father’s Day in your family, it can be difficult to find a card with the right greeting. Given the exclusivity of the occasion, there may not be many cards addressed specifically to first or expectant fathers. But don’t worry. It’s perfectly suitable to choose a simple father’s day message, as it’s always exciting to see those words for the first time!

With simple, tender messages, we recommend the following cards from the Falling Leaf collection:

Celebrating with Blank Greeting Cards

A blank card can make for one of the best 1st Father’s Day cards, as it allows you to include a more personalized message yourself! If you get stuck, try to focus on the journey you’re about to embark on together, or browse our greeted collection for ideas to help you get started. New mothers may also want to use this space to remember moments from your pregnancy and all the times you were thankful to have the support from the father to be!

For a beautiful blank greeting card, consider these wonderful nature designs from our Mountain Landscapes, Wild Birds, and Leaf collections! These designs are perfect for Father’s Day, whether they’re given from a spouse, parent, or close friend!

Spiritual Greeting Cards

Father’s Day can also be a great time to celebrate our faith and re-establish its important role in our lives. On this holiday, we are reminded of Jesus’ father Joseph and his courage, patience, and love. We also remember how our earthly fathers prepare us for the grace and love of our Heavenly Father.

If you’d like to include a spiritual message with your Father To Be Card, consider one of these seashell Father’s Day cards from our collection:

The sand dollar card in particular has a beautiful spiritual meaning. Many consider this shell to represent the birth and life of Jesus. Its central star pattern reminds us of the Nativity star that guided shepherds on the night of Jesus’ birth.

For more beautiful blank spiritual greeting cards, browse our Stained Glass Window and Cross designs.

Include a Matching Gift

Finally, consider pairing your greeting card with one of our unique Wall Prints. Whether you choose a matching or complementary design, commemorate your first Father’s Day with a framed print to hang in the baby’s room, the family room, or anywhere else in your home!

We offer many of our best hand-painted designs from Flowers, Seashells, Mountain Landscape, Butterfly, Leaf, Cross, and Stained Glass Collections. Look for something that has a special significance in your lives to commemorate the growth of your family.

From First Father’s Day till Forever

The story of your family is the greatest story you’ll tell. At Falling Leaf Card Co., we’re proud to offer you a space to start telling it. Congratulations on your first Father’s Day!

For more Father to Be Cards and 1st Father’s Day Cards, browse our full selection of Father’s Day Cards and Blank Greeting Cards!