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Easter is a joyous time of year. While we may have first found that joy in brightly painted eggs and candies as children, we continue to appreciate the religious importance of the holiday as we age, gaining a deeper understanding of Christ’s love and sacrifice. Easter is more than a holiday—it’s the foundation of our Christian faith. What better way to commemorate this occasion than with a beautiful, religious Easter greeting card? Here are a few religious Easter greeting card ideas to help you celebrate the holiday.

Spiritual Encouragement Cards for Easter

Circle Cross Spiritual Encouragement Card from Falling Leaf Card Co.

The story of Easter may seem sad at first—Jesus was unfairly convicted and accepted his punishment willingly. He suffered on the Cross and died. However, in his resurrection, we find the true religious meaning and the hope of the holiday. It is partly for this reason that we celebrate Easter in the spring. If the world seems dark and cold during the winter, the spring reminds us that things will get better soon enough.

A sense of hope is especially powerful during this time of year, making Easter an important opportunity to offer spiritual encouragement. Whether a relative is suffering an illness or a child is struggling with emotional growing pains, an Easter greeting card filled with words of encouragement is often appreciated beyond measure.

Easter Cards With Flowers

Purple Water Lily Card (Blank) from Falling Leaf Card Co.

Flowers are an important part of any Easter celebration. While many Easter flower arrangements include daffodils, tulips, and hydrangeas, the lily is the flower most often associated with the holiday. Its white color represents divinity and purity.

Purple flowers are also significant. In Biblical times, purple dye was so expensive it could only be used for the clothes of royalty. During Christ’s Passion, he was given a purple garment to mock his title of “King of the Jews.” Today, we see purple used in religious ceremonies during Lent and Easter as a representation of penance. The color represents our humility in the face of Christ’s divine kingship.

You can find these flowers and more in our selection of blank Flower Greeting Cards. A few of our favorite Easter designs include the Blue Water Lily Greeting Card, the Daffodil Greeting Card, and the Water Lily & Daffodil Greeting Card.

Pick Up a Box Set for your Easter Baskets

Turquoise Stained Glass Card from Falling Leaf Card Co.

Easter is a time to celebrate with those who share the faith. A Greeting Card Box set is the most affordable way to share your message. Most of our greeting card sets come with eight cards and four different designs, many of which are perfect for a religious holiday message. For a reminder of the hope that the Easter holiday inspires, we recommend our Flower Note Card Set and Butterfly Note Card Set. Our Cross Greeting Cards Box Set and Stained Glass Window Note Card Set make beautiful religious Easter greeting cards as well.

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