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In a previous post, we covered some general Teacher Appreciation Greeting Card & Gift Ideas, but today we’re looking a bit more closely at what makes a good end of the year gift. What gifts are best for Elementary, Middle, and High School teachers? We’ll cover this and more with these great teacher gift ideas for the end of the year!

For Male Teachers

Male teachers may seem like they’re hard to shop for, and sometimes it can be difficult to know their personal tastes. However, they tend to value simple, fun, and practical gifts. Try one of these teacher gift ideas for the end of the year:

  • A new tie. Whether it’s a fun tie, a bow tie, or just a nice tie, add to your teacher’s collection with something that complements his unique style!
  • Gift cards. There are always a good option, especially for restaurants, movies, or a men’s retail store.
  • A cool coffee mug. Consider something with a fun, pop culture design from his favorite movie, video game, or sports team—or something related to the class of course!
  • Gadgets and other tech items. Try to find something small and helpful for home or the classroom. Look for fun and inexpensive ideas online!

For the card, try something more rugged like our Blue Ridge Mountain Vista Teacher Appreciation Card.

For Female Teachers

Female teachers tend to love thoughtful, personalized gifts. Or, celebrate their hard work with a gift to help them unwind!

  • Monogrammed and/or personalized items. Great ideas include tote bags, a cork board, or a sign for the classroom.
  • Baking supplies. If your teacher loves to bake or has a family of her own, try finding fun baking supplies, cookware, or kitchen utensils.
  • Bath and body supplies. Scented hand sanitizer, bath bombs, lotion, etc. are excellent teacher gift ideas for the end of the year. This gift is usually best if you know what products and scents your teacher typically enjoys.
  • Wall Art. Does your teacher like flowers, butterflies, birds? We offer many beautiful wall prints that can be framed or unframed for the perfect gift!

For the card, try something sweet like our Blue Butterfly Teacher Appreciation Card.

For Elementary School Teachers

Elementary school teachers can be a lot of fun to shop for because their classrooms are often filled with colorful and interesting things. They also tend to go through school supplies quickly, so the end of the year is a great time to help them replenish their stock!

  • School supplies. These are always appreciated. Look for markers, crayons, glue, and construction paper—whatever the teacher needs.
  • Fun and unique crafting supplies. Look for something fun like stamps and stickers.
  • A new book for story time. Choose a book that you and your child enjoy reading together!
  • Board games. These make a great gift for days with indoor recess!

Try our fun Butterfly Combo Teacher Appreciation Card for a wonderful surprise.

For Middle School Teachers

While many of the end of year teacher gifts mentioned above would also be suitable for middle school teachers, here are a few that tend to be popular:

  • Baked goods or candy. Try to find out what your teacher likes and whether they have any dietary restrictions or food allergies!
  • School supplies. Every teacher will appreciate much needed supplies, especially sharpies, dry erase markers, and pens.
  • Your favorite book. Try something in the Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Mystery genres.

Our Yellow Finch Teacher Appreciation Card is great for any teacher!

For High School Teachers

High school classrooms are often filled with inspiring, life-long memories. Celebrate the difference your teacher has made in your life with one of these great gifts:

  • School supplies and gift cards. Did we mention every teacher loves supplies?
  • A calendar, journal planner, and/or stationery. Our Teacher Appreciation Card Sets make wonderful teacher gifts for end of the year.
  • Something hand-made. Whether it contains photos, inside jokes, your favorite words of wisdom, or just something to showcase your creative talents, something you spend time making will be a great gift your teacher will love.
  • Your favorite book. Try something in the contemporary literature, poetry, or Young Adult genres.
  • A thoughtful greeting card. The easiest gift to give is often the most appreciated. Let your teacher know how much they’ve meant to you this year with one of our Teacher Appreciation Cards.

Our Chambered Nautilus Teacher Appreciation Card offers an interesting design any teacher will enjoy.

Find the Perfect End of the Year Greeting Card

Of course, for any gift, it’s always the thought that counts. Lucky for you, we put a lot of thought into each of our unique, hand-painted greeting cards. Browse our full selection of Teacher Appreciation Cards, Thank You Cards, and Blank Greeting Cards for great options!

For more teacher gift ideas for the end of the year, browse our Wall Prints and All Occasion Gift Bags!