Cards and Gifts that Bring you Closer to Those you Cherish.

It happens. The holidays have a knack for sneaking up on us. Birthdays and anniversaries can be especially crafty. So now that the New Year is upon us, let’s make a resolution that’s easy to keep: stock up on great greeting cards early. Whether you’re buying a full year of cards or just for the next several months, here are some simple strategies to get you started.

Divide the Calendar and Conquer!

For many, planning ahead is always the best way to relieve stress. And, assuming you have no major celebrations between New Year’s and Valentine’s Day, January can be the perfect time to start planning. Open your calendar and make note of all the upcoming holidays and occasions you’ll need to shop for.

You can also use our website to start planning. Browsing through the different categories can be a great way to start your list and make note of your favorite designs. Our site is conveniently organized into several major holiday categories, such as Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Holidays and more—not to mention other special occasions like Thank You, Sympathy, Get Well, etc. Keep in mind, of course, that more occasions are bound to pop up unexpectedly throughout the year!

Bank on Blank

It’s always practical to have a small stockpile of blank greeting cards. And buying in advance gives you plenty of time to come up with a beautiful greeting of your own. The great thing about blank cards is that it allows you to write your own personal message, which could be for any occasion at all.

If you’re purchasing cards individually, stock up on your favorite designs—but be strategic. If you absolutely love our Sweetgum & Maple Leaf Note Card, there’s nothing stopping you from buying 15 of them and using them long after the fall leaves have returned green to the trees. However, you might also consider shopping for blank cards that could be used at different points throughout the year. In our previous blog post, we talked about how many of our blank Christmas designs could also be used for New Year’s and even throughout the winter months. Our selection of blank Flower Greeting Cards also offers an especially beautiful variety to celebrate with a year of cards.

Save Big with Box Sets

So, what if you’re not a planner or a list-maker? What if you don’t feel like spending time going through an extensive selection of card designs? The biggest way to save both time and money is with a box set of great greeting cards.

We have a variety of box sets to choose from, including butterflies, crosses, flowers, seashells, snowflakes, wild birds, and more. Most sets come with 8 cards (4 different designs, 2 cards each). At $24, each of these sets is cheaper than if you were to purchase these cards individually, making it more affordable to buy multiple sets. (Maybe some snowflakes for Christmas and flowers for other occasions? It’s up to you!)

Alternatively, several of our sets come with different designs perfect for celebrating moments throughout the year. The Landscape Note Card Set and Mountain Vista Box Set offer great greeting cards to get you through the changing seasons. Our MKNZ Note Card Set is also great for multi-purpose use, including Thank You, Thinking of You, Bless Your Heart, and Happy Birthday greetings.

The best value, however, is our All Occasion Greeting Card Set. Our largest set, it comes with 20 cards: 8 Birthday Cards, 4 Thank You Cards, 2 Thinking of You Cards, 2 Sympathy Cards, 2 Get Well Cards, and 2 Friendship Cards. And at $49, it saves you over $20!

A Year of Cards in Less Than 30 Minutes

When a holiday or special occasion sneaks up on you, it’s not uncommon to spend thirty minutes in the grocery store agonizing over one perfect card. So why not spend that same amount of time (or less!) gathering some great greeting cards that would be perfect for a number of occasions throughout the year? Whether you’re browsing for the perfect greeting card, stocking up on some blank cards, or looking to save with our box sets, make 2017 a Year of Cards with your favorite Falling Leaf designs!